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Moose Jaw - May 21
Peacock High School

Regina - May 22
University of Regina


Moose Jaw Highland Games

Heavy Events Athletics

Strongest men on the Prairies in a kilt

  • Entry Form (n/a) - Due to venue and personnel changes, this year's heavy events will be by invitation.

Have you ever seen those "World's Strongest Man" contests on TV? Well imagine those types of events happening right here in Regina! The Heavy events contest is by far one of the most exciting attractions at the games every year. After quickly establishing itself in 1999 as a new contest for the heavy games circuit, our contest attracts top athletes from all over the prairie provinces. This is one of the only events of its kind in Saskatchewan.

Hammer Throw - Regina Highland Games
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The contest features goliaths tossing cabers the size of telephone poles, shot-putting stones the size of bowling balls, and throwing hammers for distances greater than 100 ft. A truly amazing event to watch and definitely a crowd favourite.

Check out the heavy events located in the middle field area of the track. Please watch with due care and attention.



Caber Toss

The Caber Toss is the most famous of the Scottish field events. The caber might be best described as a "baby" telephone pole which can be 12 to 19 feet long and may weigh from 30 to 120 pounds. The contestant "walks" the caber until it's perpendicular and then hoists it into a carrying position, resting on the shoulder. From the carrying position, the contestant takes a few steps forward, then abruptly stops and swings his arms upward, hoping to flip the caber completely so that the small end, which was down, falls straight ahead, or "at 12 o'clock". 12 o'clock is perfect, but all good scores come within the 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock area. Timing and momentum are keys in this event, not mere strength. All contestants in the caber events start with the lighter and shorter cabers and work their way up until they are eliminated.

Weight for Height

This event uses a metal weight with a handle, the whole thing weighing 56 pounds for men and 28 pounds for women. The object is to toss the weight as high as possible over a cross-bar using only one hand.

Weight for Distance

The object of this event is to throw a 28 pound or 56lb weight with a handle as far as possible using only one hand and one and a half turns before the release.

Stone Put

The Stone Put is similar to the conventional shot put event in track and field meets but with two exceptions. Instead of using a metal shot, the men use a stone weighing 17 pounds and the women use an 11 pound stone. Also, the style of throwing is different. The contestants don't get to make an approach like the conventional style, but must throw the stone as far as possible keeping one foot stationary against the trig. This is called the Braemar style and the world record is 62'11".

Hammer Throw

This event uses a 16lb or 22lb weight with a 50 inch handle. The athlete stands with his back to the field and spins the hammer around his head and releases it over his shoulder.

Sheaf Toss

The sheaf is a 16 or 20lb bag of hay/rope/wire (10 or 12lb for women), that is tossed over a bar with a two or three-tyned pitchfork. It is conducted like the 56lb weight for height, except it goes about twice as high.

Regina Highland Games Records

Event Held by Distance Date
Open Stone Jason Johnston 46' 9.5" May 18, 2008
Braemar Stone Jason Johnston
36' 6"
May 18, 2008
16lb Hammer Jason Johnston 121' 5" May 18, 2008
22lb Hammer Jason Johnston 89' 10"
May 18, 2008
56lb for Distance Jason Johnston 35' 5" May 18, 2008
28lb for Distance Jason Johnston 78' 6" May 18, 2008
56lb for Height Jason Johnston 16' May 18, 2008
16lb Sheaf
Marc Morin
May 19, 2002
20lb Sheaf
Jason Johnston
28’ 6"
May 18, 2008


Provincial Records

Event Held by Distance
Open Stone Jason Johnston 47' 11.75"
Calgary, AB
September 4, 2010
Braemar Stone Jason Johnston
40' 6.5"
Glasgow, KY
June 5, 2010
Light Hammer Jason Johnston 128' 11"
Red Deer, AB
June 21, 2008
Heavy Hammer Jason Johnston 105' 8"
Las Vegas, NV
April 19, 2008
Heavy Weight for Distance Jason Johnston 43' 2"
Victoria, BC
May 22, 2010
Light Weigt for Distance Jason Johnston 83'
Uxbridge, ON
July 26, 2008
Weight Over Bar Jason Johnston 16' 6"
Kincardine, ON
Canadian Championship Record
July 7, 2007
Jason Johnston
32’ 3"
Antigonish, NS
July 21, 2008

For heavy events information, contact:
Jason Johnston
(306) 522-0588