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Moose Jaw - May 21
Peacock High School

Regina - May 22
University of Regina


Moose Jaw Highland Games

Piping and Drumming

Host of the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Championships

Catch the afternoon pipe band competition. Bands will compete in various events to see who will be victorious. Expect to see some very innovative and musical performances.

Pipe Band warming up at the Regina Highland Games

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The Pipe Band contest is one of the larger attractions at this year's games. Over 15 bands attend regularly from all areas of the province as well as from outside Saskatchewan. The contest itself is adjudicated by world class judges in attendance from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. There are four levels of competition that bands can compete in at the games -- Grade Two, Grade Three, Grade Four and Grade Five. Grade Two is the highest level of competition at the games. Be sure to attend the closing ceremonies at 5:30 PM where the winners of the pipe band events will be announced.

Throughout the morning, over 200 individual pipers and drummers will compete in solo competitions. Competitors will play various pieces of music ranging from marches, strathspeys and reels, to the classical music for the bagpipes -- Piobaireachd (pee-ba-rock).

Confirmed Judges

Andy Rogers, NB
Geoff Neigh, ON
Alex MacIntyre, AB
Jim Sim, USA


37. Grade V March Selection
38. Grade IV March Selection
39. Grade IV Medley
40. Grade III M/S/R
41. Grade III Medley
42. Grade II M/S/R
43. Grade II Medley


Order of play

Please check the website at least ONE week prior to the games.


The Regina Highland Games offered two scholarships to Sound Advice 2011, each one valued at $300. The scholarships went to "The Most Promising Piper and Drummer" of the day, as chosen collectively by the judges.


General & Pipe Band

  1. All entries must be postmarked by Friday, April 22, 2011. Entries postmarked after this date must include an additional $10.00 late entry fee.
  2. Money submitted for entries and tickets is non-refundable.
  3. As part of a joint effort to minimize administration labour all money, entry forms and inquiries for the Moose Jaw and Regina Highland Games can be directed to Sharon Schmidt at the Regina head office.
  4. All competitions are subject to the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association rules.
    (available online at http://www.saskpipebands.org)
  5. Bands must be registered with their local piping and drumming association.
  6. Bands must submit a copy of their official nominal roll along with their entry form.
  7. Bands may challenge up a grade but will not be eligible for prize money in the higher grade. Entry fees are calculated according to the event entered.
    (updated Apr. 5/05)
  8. Bands must participate in the massed band performance to collect prize money.
  9. Order of play for bands will be drawn in advance and posted on the morning of the competition. It will be based on first to enter, last to play.
  10. The judges decision is final.
  11. The Saskatchewan Champion designate can be awarded to only those bands registered directly with the SPBA.
  12. The Tim Dixon Memorial Trophy for Best Drum Corps will be awarded to the best sounding drum corps out of all the grades.
  13. A Best Mid-Section Award will be picked for each grade (no entry fee required).

Solo Piping & Drumming

  1. An order of play sheet will be posted for each event. Specific times will not be allotted.
  2. The order of play list will be posted on the website (www.reginahighlandgames.org) a week prior to the competition and it will be emailed to those entrants who provide an email address with their entry form.
  3. Competitors are responsible for checking in with the platform steward at least 30 minutes prior to the competitor’s estimated playing time. This is important so that competitors are aware of who is playing and when it is their turn to play.
  4. The judge has the right to disqualify a competitor if the competitor does not show up according to the order of play list.
  5. Solo competitors must appear in Highland Dress to collect prizes during massed bands.
  6. Grade IV Piping: Competitors may submit two 2-parted tunes or one 4-parted tune for the 2/4 March and 6/8 March events.
  7. Grade I Piping: Judges will choose tune combinations for the MSR and J/H events from the list of tunes submitted by the competitor.
  8. All 2/4 marches are at least 4 parts unless otherwise stated.
  9. All competitors are required to be current members (2011 year) of the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association or an ANAPBA member association. Non-SPBA members, please supply a photocopy of your current membership card, or similar proof with your entry. Solo competitors must enter the grade designated by their home association and playing up is NOT permitted.
  10. Piobaireachd placings and light music placings will be combined to determine an aggregate grade winner.
  11. No ties are permitted for individual events.
  12. For all solo events, prizes will be awarded based on the number of competitors.
    Competitors < 3 3 4-10 11-15 16-20 >20
    Prizes 1 2 3 4 5 6

  13. For piping/drumming information, contact:
    Sharon Schmidt
    (306) 789-6516